Registered Hypnotherapist. This is a therapy that uses guided meditation, where your conscious mind becomes more narrowly focused, placing you in a hypnotic state. The hypnotic state is similar to our everyday daydreaming state. The brain waves cycle down from beta to alpha and/or theta waves when one is in a hypnotic state. This enables the therapist to talk to the subconscious mind rather than to the conscious mind, by anchoring suggestions into the subconscious.

About Natural Health Clinic

T/Dr. Rokaya Ismail holistic approach to health and healing is facilitated by her in depth study, clinical training/practice and knowledge of a diverse range of alternative natural medicine and modalities. She uses a combination of dietary changes, herbal organic nutritional supplements with a customize an individualized treatment plan for each person.

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T/Dr. Rokaya Ismail D.E.MED190201356

18 Collis Road, Clare Estate, Durban, 4091